Directi’s GoforGold initiative

As a part of Directi’s GoforGold initiative, 75 students will be provided with a travel reimbursement of up to INR 1500/- for ICPC India Regionals. Top 50 participants from September Cook-Off 2018 will be eligible for reimbursement, while new top 25 participants will be selected from October Cook-Off 2018.  For any queries related to this initiative, students can get in touch with the CodeChef team at

Contest Name Date Timing
September Cook-Off 23/09/2018 2130 hrs IST
October Cook-Off 21/10/2018 2130 hrs IST

The Reimbursement of ICPC expenses is subject to the following conditions:

  • Each winner shall be reimbursed an amount not greater than INR 1500 against the total travel expenses.

  • The said amount shall be reimbursed against submission of valid proof (in original) E.g. 3rd AC Train & Bus Tickets, etc. Flight tickets and 1st AC train tickets will not be considered for travel reimbursement.

  • The expenses being claimed should have been borne only by the winner of the Warm Up Cook-Offs alone.

  • Instances, where there are expenses by people accompanying the winner, shall not be eligible for reimbursement.

  • After the contest, you will receive an email from CodeChef.